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The Shopping Hub

From May 2024 The Shopping Hub at One Warwick Park in Tunbridge Wells will be open twice a month or upon request for 1-1 sessions or small groups. 

'The Shopping Hub' will be a one-stop shop of everything I am loving that month for my clients alongside things you made need for the season we are in and events within that season ahead. 

For 20 years I have been working as a 'Personal Shopper and Stylist' for my wonderful clients, and during that time I have built relationships with brands which mean I can deliver ways of shopping no others can. 

The Shopping Hub will offer my edits from a combination of big online retailers, department stores and boutiques. 

  • Net-A-Porter

  • Fenwick

  • Kitch Clothing

  • Genevieves Wardrobe 

This will be the most unique shopping experience.

You will be given a 1.5-hour shopping window with me in the Shopping Hub, during that time you can try on as much as you like, discuss items you'd like to buy and then place orders with me on the day.

You also have the option of bringing along with you any items you are struggling with and we can make these things work by adding in an item or two from The Shopping Hub, bringing to life what you already own instead of trawling the internet or wasting time at the weekends in search of something you just can't find on your own. 

It also gives you an opportunity to try on items from Genevieves Wardrobe Dress Rental Agency.

This is a new and exciting concept that I know will save so much time and money for those who use it and will be a great way of buying less but buying better.

Your Summer Wardrobe Refresh Awaits!

The first official Shopping Hub dates are May 17th and 18th

The price is a fixed rate for 1.5 hours £75pp

Time slots will be booked on the hour. 11am-4pm

WhatsApp 07894468490 to book in your appointment at The Shopping Hub

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