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  • How long can I rent an item for?
    Our standard rental period is currently up to 14 days, with a minimum of 3 days. If you would like to keep an item for longer, please let us know upon hire,
  • Can I rent multiple items at once?
    Absolutely! and even better, a stylist will be on hand to help you choose!
  • Do you charge late fees?
    Genevieve's Wardrobe is a trusted community and as such we expect customers to return items back within the specified timeframe. Unfortunately if an item is returned late, a daily £50 late fee will be charged until the replacement cost of the item has been reached.
  • When will I be charged for the rental?
    The rental rate will be charged at the time of order. This can take up to 24 hrs to process, depending on the selected payment method.
  • Will I be charged if I damage an item?
    Damaged items will be assessed on a case by case basis depending on the level of damage, the difficulty of repair and whether the item can be replaced.
  • How often do you dry clean an item?
    All items are cleaned after every rental. Every item within Genevieve's Wardrobe is cleaned to the recommended EU standards, meaning that every item that we have to hire has been fully sanitised and poses no health risks to wearers.
  • What if I damage or lose my rental?
    As a Renter, you are expected to treat rented items as if they are your own. We understand that accidents can happen. The better you manage the situation, the faster we can help you resolve it. If the item is damaged beyond repair, lost, stolen or the repair costs more than £50, Genevieve's Wardrobe reserves the right to charge you for the total estimated Replacement Value of the item.
  • Who is responsible for cleaning rented items?
    Genevieve's Wardrobe will take care of cleaning and maintaining all items on their return to ensure that the most sustainable washing processes are followed. This service is included in the rental rate for a standard, expected level of wear and tear. Should an item require excessive cleaning, beyond a standard level of wear and tear, penalties may be incurred.
  • What is Damage Protection?
    Renters can opt to purchase Damage Protection for £5 when requesting a rental. Damage Protection covers the cost of repairable damage (such as a broken zip, missing beads, stain removal) up to a maximum repair cost of £50 per rental to give you peace of mind when renting. What’s not covered? Damage beyond repair Loss of item due to carelessness, theft or other Damage in excess of £50 repair fee In the event of irreparable or excessive damage and/or loss, the Renter would be liable to cover the total estimated market value of the item, at the discretion of the Genevieve's Wardrobe team.
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