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This is THE most important session for my clients, it is essentially ‘personal styling’ at its best. Here I show clients how they can really maximise their outfits from the wardrobe detox session and personal styling session. Back at your home I show you how to make outfits from your own wardrobe and our other new purchases. I create your own personal and unique ‘Style File’ which is essentially a look-book on your phone of all your best outfits.

This is a fantastic time saver for busy mums or those rushing out the door to work and it puts into practice the ethos of cost per wear by maximising your wardrobe endlessly. I take photos of all the outfits and help you create your own personal 'style-file' on your phone. Dinner date, book launch or drinks with friends? No problem - you can just consult your own style file to see which outfit would be best for the occasion. It saves you time, stress and money wasted on last-minute impulse buys.

Prices start from £450 (3.5-4 hours)

Hourly rate £155 minimum 2 hours

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