Flowers Of Colombia

Flowers of Colombia

There is a battle that goes on in our house and its about flowers. For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for flowers, so much so, my daughter is named after a flower and my mum is actually a trained florist, she didn’t ever take the plunge to change carer.

The reason there is a battle in our home is because I would gladly fill my entire home with fresh flowers but my partner claims to be allergic to them, this is still up for debate as I usually smuggle flowers in weekly, pass them off as fake and he knows no different, I tell him all my new clothes are old so its kind of the same but different.

There is something I find so calming, beautiful and happy about flowers and nothing has ever made me smile as much as the flowers that arrived this week from Flowers of Colombia.

Quite rightly, Flowers of Colombia want to spread the message that flowers have an important role in our daily lives and this can be at home or at work. Who doesn’t smile at the sight of a beautiful bouquet or even a single stem in a slim cut vase? So elegant.

Quite often when you are in places that promote relaxation and clarity flowers are used as a focal point which we admire, absorb and instinctively come away happier and uplifted.

Colombia is actually one of the most important flower producers in the world after Holland.

Colombia Flowers saw that there was a connection between music and flowers and how they bring people together, it is “diversity that inspires” and from this motto they have started a Flower Tribute Tour which I think sounds amazing!

When Colombia Flowers are growing their blooms they listen to music to promote joy and love, it is their number 1 rule, so to combine flowers with a music tour and in particular British rock music it was an organic idea for them. British Rock music promotes unity and diversity which is so important in a city like London which is so multicultural.

The first stop on the Flower Tribute Tour is ‘The Apollo Theatre’. Bouquets were presented to Queen fans outside the theatre where they made their name, Queen is a British iconic band that inspired and brought together so many people.

The second destination on the Flower Tribute Tour is The Helm bar where The Rolling Stones were discovered.

The final stop on the Flower Tribute Tour is Abbey Road.

Hippie-style floral head crowns were presented to fans to honor the band, The Beatles. The Beatles are one of the most famous international bands of all time, even the children of today are familiar with the joy and unity they gave as well as inspiring so many other musicians and artists.

Watch the tour here….

So if like me you love flowers, I hope you can see why I loved my bouquet and why I wanted to share the Flowers of Colombia mission to bring Joy and Happiness into all our lives through the collaboration of flowers and British music

Send someone you love some flowers of just get some for yourself, they make you happy, they make you smile, they bring joy, happiness and peace. Whats not to love.

Victoria xxx

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