Uzma Bozai

Uzma Bozi

This year I came across the wonderful brand that is Uzma Bozai.

The designs instantly caught my eye and then I got to learn more about the brand after a wonderful phone call with Uzma herself. I love her authenticity and approach to growing her brand ethically and consciously.

She, like me, loves embroidery and embellishments, she believes sparkles are for everyday not just for special occasions and I couldn’t agree more.

I am a massive believer in adding a bit of glitz to your everyday wardrobe, not only does it express your personality it also means you don’t need to worry about adding jewellery, you are already accessorised and ready to go.

Each jumper is hand embellished following traditional techniques and finished by skilled Karigars, this can sometimes take 15 hours to create.

Uzma saw from working in International Aid organisations that she could help support artisan communities she’d grown to love which were sadly in decline due to the rise of Fast Fashion. She knew she had to do something.

As a result, Uzma Bozai the brand was born. The brand reflects Uzma’s fun, passionate and energetic personality while being committed to supporting embroidery communities and artisans.

How I wear Uzma Bozai

The ‘Bite Me’ hoodie and ‘evil eye’ sweatshirts are amazing!

I’m so in love with them both. I would usually wear these with skinny jeans and biker boots but I’ve decided to dress them with more sparkles, I’m sure Uzma wouldn’t mind. More is more in my book especially as the nights draw in and the days become grey.

I decided to raid my wardrobe and I went for a silver sequin midi skirt. I love styling casual fashion with something that would usually be considered more for occasion wear, I am all about wearing everything you own and not saving anything for best. This is your life and today is a blessing, tomorrow isn’t promised, wear the sequins!

The Lana bomber jacket is so beautiful and lightweight, I’ve decided to wear it as an alternative to wearing a blazer.

With the type of industryI’m in, I can get away with being slightly more edgy, and again any excuse to wear something out of its usual context.

The silver detailing means that you can get away with minimal jewellery which is great if you are the sort if person that has limited time to get ready, but if you wanted to add more id suggest layering silver necklaces to make the silver pop away from the black.

The panther jumper is the sort of thing I love to wear to the gym or when I’m in need of feeling fierce. I love how empowering this jumper makes me feel and how even with my basic gym wear I feel amazing.

If you are looking to invest in a statement sweatshirt that you will treasure forever, I cannot recomomed Uzma Bozai more and I know that everyone who has purchased via my Instagram pictues and stores are equally in love.

#victoriagenevievestyling #Ethicalfashion #sustainablefashion #positivefashion #personalstylist #uzmabozai

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