Knitwear 2018


Knitwear is having a huge moment. Knitwear has almost become the must have item for AW18 and there is something for everyone.

Bright bold colours, textures and fabrics monopolise the store rails, embellishments, faux fur patches or faux fur arms or total frontal, knitwear has taken on more than just a humble knit.

Cashmere is still the queen of knitwear and I always stand by this as I personally know its the only thing in my wardrobe that lastS, technically it should last forever with the right care so although it cost more at the start it will pay you back more times than you could imagine.

High street knits are fun but they do come with a warning from me, they will generally not last, they will pill and they will eventually look tatty, They are also bad for the environment if they contain acrylic so beware, what you think is recyclable, often isn’t.

For those of you that get a stiff neck like me in the winter months, good news - the Polo Neck is back. Thin knit polo necks are being used as an under layer under dresses and camisole tops, even open back shirts that were useful in the summer can now be transformed to AW with the help of a thin knit polo neck. My favourite way of wearing a polo neck this season is with a pair of jeans and a Kimono jacket over the top.

For those of you that may not of reached your summer beach body goals and would just love to hide as much as possible the Fashion Gods herd our call, Oversized Huge Knits are the must have item! Whats not to love? Obviously you need to keep the jeans or trousers slim line but basically the bigger, bolder and longer the jumper the more stylish you are.

Knitwear brands I’ve been loving are Orwell + Austen, Wyse, Lowie and A Finer Thread . They have the most fantastic fit, colours and fabrics and add a bit of fun to your knitwear collection.Supporting British brands and brands that run a sustainable conscious businesses in England.

Knitwear care….

As I said high street knits tend not to last well and his can be disappointing so my best advice is to buy better so you can look after it and it will look after you in return.

A luxurious piece of knitwear or a piece that you really do love I would recommend getting it dry cleaned, A lot of cleaners now offer a Diamond standard knitwear service, they will even de-bobble it for you, this can be costly but if you think of the cost to replace the item, its well worth keeping something you truly love.

A great cashmere/silk wash is worth its weight in gold. I use them for all my knitwear and swear by them. You can pick them up at any supermarkets or cashmere selling store, Pure Cashmere sell their own version or I can recommend the one from Waitrose. Use them to hand wash, I never put knits in the washing machine unless it is to spin them afterwards in a delicates bag.

I also love my knitwear comb. These are available from The White Company or PURE Cashmere and keep you knitwear looking fresh. All you have to do is simply comb the knit where it is bobbling and it will look like new. This only works on natural fibres through so do check before you start.

I also really rate an electric de-bobbler, Its actually really therapeutic to see all the bobbles come off and your knitwear come back to life.

Wrap up and get cozy, it the on-trend thing to do!

Victoria x

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