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July 24, 2018

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Tootsa MacGinty

April 29, 2018

This year my daughter has an opinion about clothes, on one hand I’m so delighted she has her own sense of style, what she likes and what makes her feel good but on the other hand it’s so much easier to lay out a child's outfit the night before and then they just put on what you choose for them. Everyone is happy? Time is saved, Everyone looks and feels good? No? 


With my clients I love to use the process and teachings of a seasonal capsule wardrobe, this often something that  doesn't translate well into children's clothing due to the amount of fun you can have buying an eclectic array of items, especially if the child themselves are going to have a say in whats bought. 


I was approached by a brand called ‘Tootsa MacGinty’ recently, they wanted to send Lilly a few bits if she liked the look of it in exchange for a review. 


Lilly and I opened the laptop and started scrolling down the web page, it didn't take long for her wish list to be the whole collection.