A few weeks ago I was invited to make up masterclass with PIXI’s Amanda Bell in Fenwick.

PIXI is a brand I have never used before but have herd wonderful things about. I think with skincare you get used to using what you like and what works and tend not to venture too far away from what you know is good for you.

PIXI have a skincare system called ‘Skintreats’ and it really has been beyond any expectations I had before using it. My skin is clearer, softer and more youthful, I have enjoyed using all the products and would recommend them to anyone. Here are a few of my favourite ‘Skintreats’ from PIXI. As a bonus it is not tested on animals and vegan friendly.

Rose Cream Cleanser.

I’ve been using the Rose Cream Cleanser twice a day at the start of my routine and it takes away all my make-up effortlessly. I love using water on my face so removing this with a damp cloth is just perfect for me.

Rose Tonic

After cleansing I’ve been using the Rose Tonic on a cotton wool pad which is the perfect tonic to minimise redness and calm the skin, it contains Elderflower and is totally alcohol free, I especially like to use it at night-time before my facial oil and moisturiser.

Jasmine Oil Blend

One product that I highly recommend is the Jasmine oil. Designed to be used morning and night it is the perfect consistency to sit under your moisturiser and makeup. It is fantastic at rehydrating and bringing back your radiance. I just add a few drops to the palm of my hand and press into my cleansed and toned skin. You can even add two drops to your regular moisturiser and give your skin a real hydration boost.

The ‘Skintreats’ range also has the most amazing extras that you can add to your daily routine to give yourself a mini facial.

Peal and Polish

This product gets full marks from me, it’s a radiance revealing enzyme peel, You can use this up to 3 times a week but personally I have found I only need to use it once. Its amazing!

Glow Tonic

Glow Tonic is a PIXI iconic product and it doesn’t disappoint. I’ve been using this in the mornings after cleansing and absolutely love the glow it gives the skin. It is a 5% Glycolic Acid formula and really brightens the skin.

Rose Flash Balm

This wonder product not only smells amazing but quenches even the thirstiest skin. It is a 3-1 product (Moisturiser, Primer and Mask). I’ve been using this after the Jasmine oil and before I apply my foundation, it’s a great product for lacklustre and fatigued skin.

T-Zone Peel Off Mask

This is the most fun product I’ve tested. Who doesn’t love a peel off mask? This one is not only pore purifying and easy to apply is is pearlescent and smells divine! My children have absolutely loved helping me peel the mask off and my skin really does glow after using this product.

Overall I am so impressed with PIXI, I’ve loved using all the products and can’t wait to try others available in the ‘Skintreats’ range and the make-up.

Its perfectly priced, Vegan friendly and not tested on animals, what’s not to love.

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