Happy 2018!

Happy 2018!

Some of you may of noticed I launched my website which I didn't really want to shout about too much as I didn't really know what I wanted to put on here other than the usual boring stuff, prices and services etc. I wanted to add a blog page too as I love an opinion and making a difference in peoples lives, so here it is, I'm going to see if anyone can relate to some of my wonderful clients, friends and network of business peeps as I'm sure they are not alone in how they feel about clothes, makeup and wellbeing and how the two are so intrinsically linked.

I work with a lot of women and I can tell you hand on heart that what I do is more than just shopping, what we choose to wear is not just about fashion, and the need to look good is absolutely not vanity based. How we feel about our bodies and how we carry ourselves has a massive impact on our lives and if you love what you are wearing your day can only be better, not only for you but those around you too. If you leave your house in the morning and you don't like something about what you are wearing it will impact your whole day.

I'm going to start this series with a guest blog by Mimi, she has written about an issue that highlights something so many of us mums fall victim to. Do you let your children dress themselves? What are the long term effects of not letting children express themselves, experiment with fabrics, colours, textures and looks? My daughter has just started to voice her preferences and I know its the same daily battle that I had with my mum. I was lucky that my my mum let me loose, even if it was in a big pink frock to go to Sainsbury's , I can still hear her now, "Victoria you are not going out to the Supermarket in a frock" but she did and even with sparkle glitter shoes. She even says now, 'I don't like that Victoria' but I don't care. If I feel amazing thats all I need to walk out the door feeling fabulous.

Victoria xx

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